What a BUMmer

I haven’t been able to run for nearly a week. I am feverishly cross training in hopes of not losing the strength I’ve gained the past months of training. I’m stretching. I’m foam-rolling. I’m using my stick religiously. Wednesday evening I went to Nic Ebright, a sports massage therapist, so that he could massage my butt in hopes of getting the extra ooph I need  to get back on the pavement, (or trails) running. Nic told me to write about this… this… I can’t say it…

Writing about it does not admit this is an injury just yet. I’m still moving. I’m doing everything I can to make sure this feeling in my glute doesn’t get worse. I’m slowing down and listening to my body, and Nic.

Sorry if you’ve seen me and I’ve been cranky, I need a run.

Excuse me while I go stretch…it’s a bummer, but I gotta stretch before I hit the road for work!