Sharing is Caring

Just a quote I came across in my book that I wanted to share:

Enjoyment lies in the searching for truth, not in finding it. 


Remind in the next week or two that I posted this to re-read it. And then re-read it again. Because I tend to forget that I’m in Thailand having a once in a life time experience. I’m searching for something I’m sure will never be found–but isn’t that part of the beauty of it?

Called Out

A mind shift. An attitude change. A complete 180, if you will. I got smacked in the face and called out this week. Not only by my Mother, (who, respectfully has that job) but by a new friend of mine too. They both called me out (each in their own way) on my negative attitude. Which made me stop and really think for a few moments. [by a few moments I mean a night of bad sleep and a long run and multiple TEDtalks later…] I realized I had to change it. I decided, yes, I made a very conscious decision to change my attitude. And it’s been a conscious effort to maintain it too.

I was giving all the credit of my bad attitude to this being hard, instead of me not trying. I am now 100% making an effort to be happier, to be more positive, to stop getting down on myself and to quit living the romantsized version of Hollywood self-deprecation. How do I expect other people to love me if I have a bad outlook on myself and verbalize it constantly? Down with negativity!

So in effort to change this I am down playing the negative self-talk, I’m slowing down. I am taking more time to read, more time to teach a lesson, more time on yoga, more time on writing—these endeavors are already making a huge difference in my life. Seemingly small changes are making me realize the beauty of where I am and what I’m doing. I am smiling more, I am appreciating every hug the children give me, every kindness the Thai people offer—I’m finally living closer to the now instead of the when.

…take a day, take an hour, to cut one negative thing out of your vocabulary, look in the mirror and smile, say I am awesome once a day—see what happens.



Lighting my Loi Krathrong and making a wish

Lighting my Loi Krathrong and making a wish

74, 25, 1

10% and 90%? No. 50% and 50%? No. 75% and 25%? That’s probably closer.


This is me trying to figure out the mental to physical strength I’m going to need in February. Yep, you guessed it, I signed up for a 50K trail run in Thailand. What the fuck am I thinking? Part of me said after I entered my credit card into the little box. This is going to be awesome! The other part was saying. 5:30am is not a good time to make big decisions, but I threw down the money and now I have to begin training—for realz.


74% mental: (I know, you think I’m nuts…bear with me) 50K is what? Like 30-something miles? That’s a lot of time on your feet, a lot of time in your brain, a lot of time to talk yourself out of something. Or in my case I’m pretty good at talking myself into things. Being here in Thailand is tough on my brain, on my emotions and on my regular life routine. Running has been a savior, if I can convince myself that 89 degrees isn’t that hot (mostly because yesterday was 94 degrees) and I can go out and run—I’m golden. Just 7-10 hours of that on race day and done is done!


25% physical: So yeah, I do have to train for this thing. My current idea of a training plan is as follows:


6xweek: run

2xweek: 2 a day runs

3-4xweek: yoga

1xweek: try to get out for over 2 hours (we’ll see how this goes)


Other activities: badminton, push-up, squats, lunges…etc.


By February 2nd it’s just going to be another long day in woods…right?


Wait wait wait!!! Where’s that extra 1% ? you ask?


1%: Support. Cheerleaders. Positive energy. Love. And Gu… don’t forget the Gu.