Lesson Learned

I like to pride myself in being some sort of bad ass runner. Well, at least in the sense that I’m usually really happy running in shorts most of the year. I don’t understand the people I see running in 40 degree weather with pants on, it just seems silly. The other day I went out to run, it was 33 degrees or so—sported my favorite shorts, long sleeve top, fleece vest (it’s all about keeping the core warm) and some gloves. I was good to go. I had great temperature regulation with the zipper on my vest (it’s amazing what showing a little neck does!)

On my 5 mile jaunt through the valley I passed several runners. We waved, nodded, said good morning to one another. Many of them in pants. I honestly felt bad for them. I feel like they don’t know that running in shorts can continue through the fall season. I want to let them in on the secret, but am not sure how. Hopefully seeing me and a few others sporting shorts and long sleeve tops (moinka is what my Dad and I call it) will help guide them to autumn running bliss.

This morning however I ran in pants. I ripped my favorite shorts and have yet to find a needle and thread to sew them up, (yes, I’m that cheap.) I over dressed. I didn’t believe Weatherchannel.com when it said it was 35 out, mainly because I woke up cold and just wanted to be warm. Well, my five miles this morning was HOT. Lesson learned. Shorts from now on unless it’s under 30 degrees.