No Chewing Allowed

Tomorrow I’m going to start a three-day juice fast. I’ve done this once before, not for the purpose of losing weight but more so to give my tummy a break from having to work so hard to digest the foods I eat. Clean out my insides and readjust my hunger and satiation levels.

The plan is three days. I still plan on getting a normal caloric intake through protein shakes, juices and smoothies. No chewing necessary. The goal is to maintain my intake so I am still able to concentrate on tasks, never be too hungry and in the end feel clean, refreshed and have a better sense of what my body needs on a daily basis–rather than what I think my body wants.


Wish me luck! I’ll be blogging and updating via twitter on how I’m feeling through out the days. I’m hoping to never get too ‘hangry’…Sorry if I’m not as pleasant as usual!