Things I need to start doing more of/better/doing in general:


We all like lists, right? I mean, that’s why we read magazines instead of books sometimes, it’s what we make when we want to cross something off and feel accomplished. The key to making a list is to make the item easy to do, detailed and accomplishable in a short(ish) period of time.


Well, I’m going to make a quick list of things that I’ve been ignoring that I just need to start doing, this is not detailed, I don’t plan on being able to cross things off, I just need to send each item out into the universe in hopes of being able to start each one, most of them won’t have an end point or a final “ah ha! I’m done” moment.


-Take more pictures NOT on my camera phone.

–This means finding and carrying my camera around.

-Write more.

–This is so open ended, so big and broad that I’m hoping it will force me to spend an hour a day working on something, anything creative.

-Keep my room clean.

–Haha, we’ll see about this one.

-Be more spontaneous.

–I jumped in a lake with my brother yesterday. That was awesome. I need more of that in my life.

-Read more.

–I love reading but am just SO SLOW. Any good book suggestions?


This is the beginning of my list. I feel like it could grow and grow and just be the Never Ending Self Improvement List. My hopes that by putting them out into the universe that some how the universe will hold me accountable.


What kind of things are on your Never Ending Self Improvement List?