About Her

This blog was born in 2011 when I was just a young buck, driving across the mid Atlantic, having crazy adventures on my feet, in a boat, on a bike or however I could. LIFE CHANGES A LOT YOU GUYS. Please, go through the archives if you want to hear about all the crazy stuff I’ve done to get me to where I am now.

Where am I now? Marquette, MI via Chicago… Who am I? Still the same girl woman, drinking lot’s of coffee and getting up early to run, read or workout.But now I’m making a footprint on the internet in a different way. TheSoleSearch.com is changing yet again. More of an essay site. More of words, meanderings, and getting back to the soul it once was. Finding myself through my body, my mind, and words.

Hop on and follow me on InstaGram! @sloanderr if you want to know what I think is a good picture to share with the world.



13 thoughts on “About Her

  1. Nice hat. Beautiful smile. That 25k in Grand Rapids was great. Well, so was your other one! I can’t wait to read about your next run/city/park/food/people!

  2. Sloan – thanks for posting on our FB page. Give me a shout if you’re interested in checking out some Honey Stinger product for use and/or review. There’s also a sponsorship program called The Hive if that holds any interest.

    Get well –

  3. Sloan–Love the blog! Congrats on being such a rockstar runner these days! Thinking of you on your recovery from your fracture–what a bummer. Take care!

    • Thanks Emily! Slowly getting better… Soon I’ll be running again! Hope you’re doing well–what craziness are you training for now adays?

      • You’ll be on the mend soon–you’re right not to push yourself. You’ll know when you’re ready and when you are, take it slow!

        I’m getting ready for a bunch of 1/2 marathons–7 between May 1 and October. I ran the 1/2 in Charleston, SC this winter with a friend; it was a great race. I’m hoping to get a couple triathlons in there too, but I have a busy summer of working and taking classes, so we’ll see. Stay well.

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